The truth is that my article on Soulja Boy for the LA Weekly probably isn’t as spot-on as the piece that Rafi Kam on for Oh Word, but what can you do? In my defense, I wrote this thing about three weeks ago and it seemed a lot timelier then. Still, I think it’s a solid primer on the whole Soulja Boy phenomenon, especially for those who have never Supermanned a ho in their entire life (honestly, what do you guys do with your Friday nights?).

Soulja Boy Feature in the LA Weekly

Unsurprisingly, Lois Lane is Not a Soulja Boy Fan (Though She loves Dem Franchise Boyz)


Stylus is shutting down. This entire week has been one long very special episode. It’s sort of like Blossom. Except much better. And with 76 percent less Joey Lawrence. I’ve been wanting to write a eulogy about this for some time but I haven’t found the words. Luckily, the senior staffers over there did it for me.

Stylus staffer, Tal Rosenberg has started a new blog, Flashes of Quincy. It is already a great read. I’m sure it will only get better. True story.

Mixtape messiahs, the Foundtrack have also started a Foundtrack blog.

In what must be new blog month, Pitchfork writer, Nate Patrin has also started one. Along with the Fork’s newest hire, a Mr. Ian “Sexy Results” Cohen Esq., Pitchfork seems to be doing their best to atone for the fact that they gave Paul Wall a Best New Music (or something perilously close).

I know my editor wrote this, so by virtue of linking to it it makes me look like a complete kiss-ass, but fuck it, this review of the Sex Pistols show by Randall Roberts is the best thing I’ve read in a while.

Lastly, if you aren’t reading Floodwatch every day, you need to, because every post is spectacular. True story.