10. For his first single, Cam’ron Giles chose to introduce himself to the world by informing it that there was a reasonable possibility that they “might see [him] in designer underwear, in a reclining leather chair.” A disturbing image that does nothing to reconcile this video of Cam in blue polka dot boxers purchased from Ross.

9. With the black plastic nerd glasses that he sporadically sports,  Cam’ron may have been the proto-hipster rapper. Mickey Factz, you aren’t as original as you thought.

8. That their are paparazzi with boom mics and cameras trying to ask Cam’ron questions. In 1998, other than than Big L, Mase, Un, and a transvestite hooker  named Fluffy that had been known to frequent the 125th st. exit of the subway, no one had ever heard of the dude.

7. When Cam asks an astonished co-ed whether she is “sexy in thongs” it foreshadows a sexual ambiguity and doubt that will be a hallmark of his career. If you have to ask…..

6. Why is Mase’s love for hire? Is this a tacit admission of the rumors that perpetually dogged him from the shiny suit days? The love nest with Puffy? The Midnight Cowboy-esque romps through Times Square in the “Only You” video. Can’t love be free, Mase? Is nothing sacred?

5. Cam’s line that he “loves when cats think they’re bigger than a sumo/that’s when I hit ’em with a little Puerto Rican judo/oh you don’t know what that is/that’s when I go, ju don’t know whose gat this is.” Okay, there’s nothing bizarre about this–it’s just a hilariously awesome line. Perhaps my favorite other than “Drinkin’ sake on a Suzuki/we in Osaka Bay.”

4. The blink-if-you-missed-it cameo of a permed-out Jim Jones in a all-white suit that makes him look like a Cuban lawn bowler or the Neoyoriquino DJ Quik.

3. Mase’s conspicuous absence from the video, allegedly because he demanded payment to appear, a move which supposedly started beef between him and Cam. Either that or they had a lover’s spat over where to take Puerto Rican Judo courses.

2. Killa’s brusque attitude towards the valet. Okay, we get it dude, you’re rich and important with your Poindexter glasses, but no one likes a guy who’s rude to the help.

1. Cam’s refusal to attend his pool party without pink plastic inflatable sharks. It just makes too much sense.

MP3: Cam’ron ft. Mase-“Horse & Carriage”
MP3: Cam’ron ft. Wyclef, Charli Baltimore, Silkk the Shocker & Big Pun-“Horse & Carriage Remix”