I’ve been on a Grizzly Bear kick in anticipation of seeing them at this weekend’s Treasure Island Festival, but lingered in listening to “Ghosts,” the new single from the CANT side-project of multi-instrumentalist Chris Taylor.  Largely overshadowed by the band’s two lead singers Ed Droste and Daniel Rossen, Taylor’s jump-off solo track reveals exactly how integral he is to the band’s constitution. Those turned off by Grizzly Bear’s oft-glacial pace won’t be converted here, but those already hooked on the band’s celestial harmonies and fragile pop, will likely love this song as much as I do. Few outfits do atmosphere as well as the Brooklyn quartet, and perhaps their critics are right when they write them off as vaporous mood music, but in an increasingly impatient world, there’s something heartening about tunes with a delayed pay-off. Beautifully constructed, repeated listening reveals new quirks, flourishes and layering. The name is appropriate too–a spectral swooning haunting piece that succeeds despite its inexcusable failure to make a veiled Ghostbusters reference. I suppose this is what blogs are for.

MP3: CANT-“Ghosts”