Last summer, we premiered “Touch,” the first leak under Rah Al Milio’s Joey Lestrat pseudonym — a side project dedicated to vampires, girls, and guitars. In these New Moon-mangled times, this is the wisest business decision since Vampire Weekend decided to construct an entire aesthetic around the ascot. Having heard the majority of the Lestrat project, it’s anything but the well-mannered bloodlessness that passes for Surfer Blood these days (calm down, they’re perfectly fine). Leaving the rapping to The Knux, Lestrat’s sound alchemizes West Coast surf guitar, Blur, The Strokes, and enough Stooges to leave your chest cavity lacerated. Second leak, “Like A Dog,” features barks and howls at the moon, hard but melodic guitars and drums and the raw proto-punk fury channeled by The Black Lips, The Soft Pack, and the San Francisco psych-outfits mentioned in Douglas’ article. This is rock music for people who like rock music, but hate the way it turned out. Someone ought to pass GZA Lestrat’s number —  this guy can only be up to no good.

MP3: Joey Lestrat – “Like a Dog”

MP3: The Knux ft. Naledge – “Floozy”