Nocando’s new video for “Hollywood”. Starring: balloon animals, souvenir shops, cigarettes, derelicts, beehive hairdos, noir-sunshine dialectics, Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, Elmo, the Low End Theory, Frank the Bouncer, doleful reggae, hoodies, popcorn, Union Station, cheap champagne, Pistol McFly, Sierra Nevada, and rap music. Nathaniel West and Weiss approved.

Says James McCall, a.k.a. Gold Roger:  “I wrote this song in New York. I conceptualized it in Tokyo. I really missed home at the time and those two cities reminded me of the hustle and bustle of L.A. All of the one upping, status symbols, slang, tourism, and home town pride made me understand myself and my home a little more. I didn’t go deep I just tried to hint at that feeling. The vid was shot in a few days on no budget by Liphemra and Rohan Ali.

Taken from the Hellfyre Club compilation, Veneris Nigrum.

ZIP: Hellfyre Club – Veneris Nigrum (Left-Click)