I was all set to do one of those sarcastic self-aggrandizing spiels where I use a ton of alliteration and make esoteric references to farm animals in the hopes of getting you to come to the Echoplex tonight. On second thought, I may have just done that. Thankfully, the the erudite Eagle has penned a short note explaining why this is going to be the most important rap show in the history of rap shows in Los Angeles in the month of February, 2012. I have two pairs of tickets to giveaway. E-mail me at [email protected] if you want them. The first two people to respond with a halfway decent reason why I should give them to you, will win. Be creative. There will be llamas with swag there tonight. Dress accordingly.

Mike’s note below the jump.

If there’s one thing that everyone involved with Hellfyre Club has in common its that we each do a lot of thinking.

A little while ago we put our heads together to address a notion that loomed around that no rapper reallly likes to admit.

Rap shows are generally terrible.

They’re unorganized…poorly lit…funny smelling….take place at ‘venues’ that were chinese food restaurants hours earlier…there’s no parking spaces…there’s no girls….the performers holler crowd-corraling cliches that were born in 1983…the floors are sticky..the bathrooms are unspeakable…there’s one million acts…and they all want to kill you.

To say it simply…there’s no quality control.

This being the case, its no longer appropriate for us rapper-types to sit back and bellyache about why people dont show up like they used to…there’s no reason to wax nostalgic about how the scene used to be. People got sick of it and they left.

“they only left us one option”

Throw better shows. This is the first of what we plan to be a seasonal series of shows that highlight the best that our label has to offer alongside some of the best that the international indie-rap scene has to offer.

This time we’ve linked up Busdriver’s Beaus$Eros album release party with a rare LA performance by Atlanta’s Killer Mike. Nocando will celebrate the release of his EP Zero Hour.

And I’ll start off the evening previewing a bunch of songs from my new EPs and my record that will drop this summer.

Thats it. Four quality acts. At a quality venue (the Echoplex). At a decent hour. Doors open at 8.

I start rapping at 8:30.

See you then.