Still trying to decipher whether this is a tribute to the nuclear explosion of a star, the fabled PBS program, the Chevy ride, or a paean to Steve Novak. Fun fact: Burial is a huge Knicks fan.

What’s so striking about Four Tet and Burial’s collaborations is that you can almost dissect who did what: the dust-riddled scuffed drums are Burial’s, the house by way of jazz keys are very much the trademark of Kieren Hebden, but the end result is invariably something new. The track is called “Nova” but for me, it’s grounded in something firm and terrestrial. Burial’s songs always are. They grapple with loss, whether the form is physical or artistic; they hiss with the sadness of daily erosion. Or maybe I’m just projecting. Maybe their next track will be called “Linsane.”