At some point, Nacho will have to mix in different flows, but in the interim, I will endorse anyone who gets daiquiris thrown at him, grabs weaves, indicts “boppin’ ass bitches,” and rhymes “Gee Willikers,” with “fucked the bitch so good, I had to steal her purse.” Maybe it’s misogynistic, but c’mon, it’s all jokes — after all, even art rap can stand to get a little ignorant now and then. As for art-rock, I’m waiting for TV on the Radio to record a diss due to this song’s titular similarities.

Blue Sky Black Death handle both beat and video. If the Bay produced cloud rap, this is what comes out of latitudes further north. Rap as gray as the trout flapping at Pike St. market.  Your move, Clams Casino.

MP3: Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso – “Staring at the Sun”
ZIP: Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso РLord of the Fly (Left-Click)