Worst kept secret: slap Dr. Dre’s name on anything and it will sell. This goes for headphones to herb. You haven’t lived until you’ve smoked the Xxplosive line of double triple THC OG Great Grandpappy Kush. It was tied in with Dr. Dre’s last single, “Kush.” Am I joking? You will never know.

So it’s no surprise that the ghost of Dre is all over the new Kendrick single. They conveniently premiered it on Power 106 and that makes me glad. Angelenos had to have an enjoyable song on the radio other than “Rack City.” And rest assured, “The Recipe” cooks. It may not be on your #1 Bitch Mixtape but it would be on mine. This is straight out of the Los Angeles Tourist Bureau. At this point, I believe Villaraigosa may be offering Aftermath tax subsidies to entice sun pilgrims. Kendrick’s batting average right now is approaching inflated first week of the season numbers. As for the message, well, it never hurts to agree with Biggie. The weather, the women, the weed. Cali: great place to visit. DEALS AVAILABLE ON TRAVELZOO.

MP3: Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre – “The Recipe