Deen is not berserk.

Gangsta Gibbs never really gives us much time to breathe. To quote that now boring, but still genius white nigga, “rap feels so empty without (him).” At least for those of us that still dig gangsta rap. I dunno about the rest of you muthafuckas. Thankfully, Gibbs works really hard to keep us awash in music.

His latest effort is supposedly a sequel to ‘Still Livin’ off 2012’s ‘Baby Face Killa‘. I guess it makes sense that he’d start making sequels to some of his songs since that seems to be in vogue lately. Sorry. I can’t stop thinking about how bad Eminem’s sequel to the Marshall Mathers LP is. More importantly, I think Freddie promised us a sequel to ‘Str8 Killa, No Filla‘ on twitter a while ago. Then again, this might belong on something called ‘Anybody Killa‘. I dunno. Fred tweets a lotta shit and I’m sure he’s high like 90% of the time. Point is, this song is probably going to be on a new project with some sort of name that includes the word ‘Killa’ later this month. I hope that makes as much sense to you as it did to me when I wrote it.

As for the song, it’s Freddie dabbling in that synth heavy/trap sound for lack of a better descriptor. It’s not my favorite incarnation of Gangsta Gibbs, but he’s certainly more than capable of doing his thing on these kinda beats. You should go back and listen to ‘ESGN’ again if you aren’t sure. He really just uses this shit as an excuse to show his versatility, as evidenced by the way he slows down and spaces out his delivery in contrast to the chaos of the beat.

Speaking of the chaos of Lord Zed’s beat (LOL, Lord Zed – see what he did there?), I’d suggest that it has a bit more in common with the murderous shit Gibbs talked that shit over on ESGN’s ‘Lay It Down’ than the OG ‘Still Livin’. Whatever the case may be, I think I prefer this sequel to the original on the first listen. Doesn’t matter though, they’re both dope. The OJ Simpson chase art/footage that accompanies the audio is kinda apt too, given the siren-like quality of the synths, if you’ll permit the reach.

Which begs the question “what was OJ listening to on the radio in that white Bronco?” OK. I’ll stop right here. I was about to get real tasteless in this muthafucka, but I’m growing up. Go listen to the song and try not to hurt or rob anyone.