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Like Mr. T, I pity the fool who attempts to categorize the madness put out by Hyperdub at any given moment. Kode9 is busy confounding European tastes by combining Juke with Trap, DJ Rashad and Spinn are doing the same to Americans by bringing Jungle to Chicago and Laurel Halo may not be “Outsider House” (whatever that is) but she’s certainly operating at the margins of whatever genre she tackles. DVA might be weirdest of all: a Grime producer gone Funky before delivering a left-field Pop album in last year’s Pretty Ugly, his music is constantly undermining what you expect, whether that means shifting the goalposts on House or jacking his barber for samples.

His exclusive “Hyperdub Colours mix” is, as you can imagine both hyper AND colorful: bringing together tracks from Cooly G, Jessy Lanza, Ikonika, Laurel Halo and more, it proves a couple of things. First, Hyperdub is probably the only equal opportunity label in dance music and their output it all the richer for it. Second, more than any other label of its generation, Kode9’s brain child is no longer constrained by trends and genres, operating within its own unique space and disregarding both mainstream, and alternative visions for UK dance music’s future. It’s a healthy space to be in, and when combined with the man formerly known as Scratcha’s mixing abilities – a thrilling one as well.
Tracklist after the jump.

MP3: DVA – Hyperdub Colours Mix (left click)

Laurel Halo – Oneiroi
Cooly G – Molly
Jessy Lanza – Fuck Diamond
Ikonika ft Jessy Lanza – Beach Mode (Keep It Simple)
Burial – Stolen Dog
Morgan Zarate ft Roses Gabor – Pusher Taker
DVA – Mad Hatter
Kode9 – Black Sun (Back Sun Mix)
Champion & Terror Danjah – Explode
Cooly G & Scratcha DVA – Oi Dirty
Walton – Can’t You See