“Ain’t no money in this conscious shit, I’m a just load my gat on some survival shit.”

Tosten Burks already did the math on this a while back. I co-sign the sentiments of Son Raw in the comments:” I could listen to rap music that sounds like this all day. Good rapping, chill beat, ill little hook. So simple, yet so difficult to get right in 2013, apparently.” There’s something nostalgic to this without invoking Low Low’s or Backpacks. Don’t discount the Dilla influence on TDE. Do your digging and you’ll find K. Dot and Solo rhyming over old James Yancey productions. And Isaiah brings conscious raps with the knock-you-unconscious edge.

I wish the game worked in a way that didn’t require a major co-sign for websites to take notice of an obviously gifted rapper. Before the signing, this site and Smoking Section were the only places I saw words on the Tennessee native. That said, I’m glad to see TDE using their powers to do right. They understand what should be so simple: it’s more rewarding to do what sounds good than what sounds like it will become popular.