Will Hagle blames Young Chop for getting “Guap” stuck in his head.

Gangsta Gibbs. Young Chop On The Beat. Retrospectively the greatest, most unexpected soundtrack possible for the Mike Tyson v. Evander Holyfield fight. The build-up to the inevitable biting of the ear consists of standard Gibbs hook-and-verse brutalization. Violence on violence. Gibbs verbal pummeling mirrors the ferocious hooks and jabs tossed by Tyson. Tyson gets Holyfield against the ropes with the type of relentlessness Gibbs unfailingly employs in his flow. I charge $10 per boxing analogy and every one is a guaranteed knockout. I can’t apologize enough.

Based on a quick perusal of Gibbs’ Vine account, he was back in Gary for the holiday weekend. This social media sleuthing leads me to two conclusions. The first: his uncle Big Time Watts still deserves six seasons and a movie. Air his incoherent ramblings and zany one-liners on ESGN primetime. Slot it between looped fights from Raging Bull set to Midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik. How are cable providers still struggling with the networks when there are goldmine ideas out there like this?

The second thing Gibbs’ hometown trip leads me to believe is that he linked up with Young Chop simply because he happened to be in the Chicago area and the Chief Keef fanboys need to know that for every city’s Unk there is an Andre 3000. A song can survive on production and hook alone but an intelligible verse can do wonders. East Side (Gary) walk it out.

The more likely explanation is that “Deuces” was organized by the invisible business powers-that-be behind the hip-hop curtains, but sometimes it’s nice to think that, despite achieving fame, collaborations can still be as organic as the contents of Gibbs’ TSA-inspected luggage. For my weed analogies I charge a dub. Strike two.

Whether it came about by Gibbs and Chop’s own accord or by the matchmaking services of an industry known for putting lames in the game like Duncan Pinderhughes, the collaboration was long overdue. Within the context of Gibbs and Young Chops’ respective catalogues “Deuces” is probably middle-of-the-pack, but the combo is justification enough for repeated listens. Plus the video is available online for free, so your ear won’t feel ripped off. I’m out.