Earlier this year, Dam-Funk, Jon Casey, and I rolled around in a rented car through Pasadena (Dam’s old-skool was in the shop). The trip to his old stomping grounds in Northwest Pasadena yielded this story for Pasadena Magazine, and eventually, this nine minute mini-doc which Jon edited and directed. I got the producer credit, mainly so that I could indulge in cliche and tell people that I’m “a producer.”

If you’re interested in where Dam and modern-funk comes from, this takes you back to the genesis. Brookside Park. Sunset Avenue in Pasadena. Poo-Bah Records on Colorado. I hope you enjoy it.

You can stream Dam and Snoop Dogg’s excellent 7 Days of Funk at NPR. Pre-order it here. And if you’re in LA, the record release party is Tuesday night at The Exchange, featuring performances from Dam, Snoop, Peanut Butter Wolf, The Egyptian Lover, Bootsy Collins, and Steve Arrington. So basically the funkiest night of the last decade.