a3923524189_10Son Raw summarized the appeal of Chester Watson’s music by linking it to those teen memories of summer nights discovering weed and wild sounds. The used CD bin is the Internet trough, but the ideas are still the same and the smoke is stronger — even out in the South. Unlike many of his peers, the Tin Wooki with the iron lung refuses to indulge in imagined nostalgia. No 90s retro-rust, even though he’s obviously studied the Rosetta Stone left behind by the Metal Faced cryptographer.

What strikes me so much is how easy this sounds. When you watch the video for “ded hills,” that Watson did with Nu Age co-founder, Kanisono, it’s laid-back enough to cause you to drop your phone in a glass of Mountain Dew. You can see the glazed eyes, the high school house party that never fully takes off and ends with everyone watching Aqua Teen or Flap Jack or downloading something to incinerate herbs to. This is where Watson’s other most recent project comes in — three cough-and-you-miss-it remixes of the Ideas and Drafts project that Flying Lotus dropped month. He did them in tandem with someone named Art Vandelay and they evince exactly the sort of talent and gift of gab that you’d want from a latex or lycro-spandex salesman.