January 9, 2014

Son Raw scored like 10 on his IQ test

I’m not entirely certain what to call this, but I like it. SD Laika makes riddims that sounds like dirt, broken electronics and bad dreams – perfect for Tri Angle, a label specializing in bringing richly textured nightmares to life, or at least to MP3. This 14 minute mix comes with the hashtag #Strawdogs and the promise that very little of this material will feature on Laika’s forthcoming release for the label. It’s not music for the average listener, it’s more than a little abrasive and you’d be correct in asking where’s the soul. However, it’s nothing if not poignant – this sounds like our dark times of deception, ADHD, crack smoking mayors and polar vortexes. I’d keep an eye out for this guy in 2014.