In which Schoolboy Q plays a piano in an abandoned house while a little girl (presumably his daughter) does pirouettes in a ballerina outfit. There are kangols and prosts, cops in vans and golden balloons. There are facial tattoos and 40s and a whole lot of high socks. Raiders shirts and Monte Carlo’s and big guns pointed at the camera lens. Groovy Q took me on a less than groovy tour of the Fig side earlier this month. The article will be out in the next LA Weekly, if you’re into that sort of thing. It looks like they shot this video on 51st, where he grew up. There were plenty of Nissan’s, but Q had a chaffeured Escalade because one day it ended up paying.

Posting the Soundclound of his track with Shallah Rae below the jump, which you have heard unless you haven’t.