Lucas Foster
The Rap Up: Week of 11/17 November 17, 2017
The Rap Up returns with the new from WIFIGAWD, Lancey Foux, Remy Ma, and uh Eminem and Beyonce
The Rap Up Returns with a new author, Lucas Foster. This week focuses on C Struggs, Lupe Fiasco, and more.
Lucas Foster speaks with Lil Sko about the Memphis rap scene, making music on 4-tracks, and his influence overseas. We also have the exclusive stream of 'U Kno Tha Sko' below.
Lucas Foster talks with Mobile Pro about the rise of Soundcloud rap, masturbation, and the future of music production.
Lucas Foster speaks with 17-year-old producer Instupendo about boarding school, soccer practice, and being a young producer.
Lucas Foster speaks with Memphis legend DJ Squeeky to discuss Tommy Wright III, Three Six Mafia, and his imprint on modern rap music.
TK breaks down Tread Music, the new SoundCloud phenomenon that spawned in Philly.