Action Bronson returns by rhyming over "Dolly My Baby," the song that first put Biggie on.
Next episode of "Fuck That's Delicious" takes place at a Port Au Prince witch doctor's office.
This is how you do it. Be groomed by two enchanting stylists with an outstretched wingspan: Christ-like, hirsute, glorious. Ride in a spaceship, but miraculously survive its destruction. Invincibility isn’t an acquired skill. You have it or you don’t. Escape on a jet fueled fire breathing metallic goose dragon waving an American flag a la […]
We are not in the business of posting every song from every rapper. Leave that to the thirsty vultures who need to be regularly doused in Gatorade (or something worse). But there’s rules to this shit. I haven’t made myself a manual, but when Action Bronson and Alchemist drop a song called “Big League Chew,” […]
As much as we malign rap for sport and clicks, it’s a solid sign for the genre’s health when the capitols are flourishing. LA and New York and Chicago and Atlanta are all amidst minor renaissances. This isn’t anything new, but the popular perception of New York as an overrated convalescent home feels obsolete (at […]
Max Bell is cruising in the whip with Gene Shalit, eating scallops. Fighting fans and security guards. Rapping in port-o-potties. Throwing weed,  TVs, and video game consoles into crowds. Consorting with Big Body Bes. To some, Action Bronson could seem “eccentric.” Hence, the second single off of his March 24th VICE/Atlantic debut, Mr. Wonderful, is “Actin […]
Recommended for the car thieves, miscellaneous flockers, getaway drivers, black lunged, paranoid vagrants, gun runners, strudel connoisseurs, wearers of both loose and tight pants, and fans of rap music. Danny and Bronson, beat by Al, from the GTA V soundtrack. Enjoy with a coffee and a danish with a chisel concealed inside it.