A conversation about Kandinsky and Zeroh, Dragon Ball Z and Aphex Twin, with Alpha Pup artist, Toy Light.
Under his nom de mollusk, miilo returns with soothing diatribes and laments for Sammy Sosa.
Max Bell also endorses the Howie Mandel and Fred Savage vehicle, Little Monsters. Nocando has been riding the wave for a minute. Low End Theory remains popping and popular as ever (ask  your local fire marshal). Hellfyre Club dropped one of last year’s best rappity-rap releases  (Dorner vs. Tookie) and will soon be headed to […]
Max Bell spent time among the wise, went through a garment renaissance. If you listen to ’90s hip-hop, you’ll know there’s no shortage of references to Nautica, the nautical-inspired clothing brand turned street-wear du jour for hustlers, thugs, and (I’m guessing) all Wu members pre-Wu-Wear. Biggie claimed he would put “mad slugs through your Nautica.’ […]
We’re a decade and a half past Wu-Tang Forever and the novelty of pitching up soul and R&B samples has long lost its novelty. You would have thought that Kanye and Burial would have pushed it towards the vanishing point — when every chipmunk chop no longer has any emotional resonance. You would have been […]
It’s been three years since Nosaj Thing dropped Drift and opened eyes to the idea that the Low End Theory was more than a Tribe Called Quest album. Flying Lotus may have been the advance messenger, but Nosaj Thing was instrumental in kicking the gates down. As was Mary Anne Hobbs, whose XFM program was […]
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Well before Dave Tompkins decrypted the DNA of the vocoder, it existed as Los Angeles’ preferred funk steroid. No telling how many times the Troutman’s soundtracked my juvenile declensions. Power 106 played “Computer Love” enough to make me wary of my shoddy Intel 486. Through the tubes Snufflupagusing out of his mouth, Roger was able […]
Chris Daly can’t say the word “syllogism” without giggling. Listening to The Tracatus by Kone is heady stuff, indeed. Not only does the title reference the great work Tracatus Logico-Philosophicus by the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, but vocal snippets throughout quote Nietzsche and espouse the tenants of logical positivism. Now, I’m more of an existentialist […]
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Chris Daly has eyes in the back of his dread. It has come to my conclusion that Free the Robots is not the moniker of one alleged Chris Alfaro, but is, in fact, a prime directive from a funkily deranged Mother Ship floating just above the planet’s atmosphere. Think I’m lying? If his latest Alpha […]
Jonah Bromwich thinks you’re not bi-polar, but more like Amy Poehler. “Put in work, son.” “Do work, son.” These expressions have become ubiquitous mantras over the last few years. We say these things casually–to friends looking to score, to siblings with job interviews. They’ve become synonyms for “good luck.” When you say things casually, they […]
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