Passion of the Weiss takes the week to celebrate the life and mourn the death of David Bowie.
B. Michael Payne examines Rae Sremmurd's debut album "SremmLife", cause it's the only life they know.
Azealia Banks' attempt to get rich or get dropped trying.
B. Michael Payne can feel it in the air Style, emotion, and sex form a close nexus around music, but they’re not music itself. Judged on the rich presentation of these concepts, FKA Twigs debut album, LP1, is a clear winner. The timelessness or quality of the music itself is a murkier thing to judge. […]
B. Michael Payne motions his maids to bring him toast and eggs Kate Tempest is doing it all backward. There are literal volumes devoted to making the argument that rap = poetry. There are probably exponentially more half-baked term papers linking 2pac-v-Biggie to Wordsworth and Coleridge. When rap does reach a “Lyrical Ballads”-level, as it […]
Enter the Void of EMA April 11, 2014
B. Michael respects a good pair of Brett Hitman Hart sunglasses Writing about a Record of Ideas is a lot easier than writing about a Record of Emotions, which should make this review of the new EMA album, Future Void, really easy. It is, ostensibly, a Record of Ideas. Look at the cover. That’s EMA […]
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B. Michael Payne is unrelated to Michael W. Smith. Over the last week, three different friends have mentioned to me that HAIM sounds like Amy Grant. They were all independent of each other, and two of them aren’t even big music buffs. I’m not sure what that means other than if I were about ten […]
B. Michael Payne stole Win Butler’s basketball. At some point – perhaps after he realized they both raised money for a hurricane-ravaged land, or maybe it was the recognition of a fellow Capital-A Artist’s inner glow of – whatever it was, at some point Win Butler seems to fall under the impression that he was […]
B. Michael Payne is casually sipping a yolorita. Chastity Belt are branding geniuses. They landed on NPR’s “All Songs Considered” and this 2.5 million+ view BuzzFeed listicle all because of an astounding band photo. Which, look at it. The foursome resembles another notorious quartet of Girls except for the more obvious and cringe-inducing imagery front […]
You know when someone derisively describes something as “tumblr rap”? (You’re reading Passion of the Weiss, so of course you do.) What they usually mean is that the music, tumblr rap, is very stylish without actually being good. Earlier this year I might have begrudgingly lumped Spark Master Tape into the tumblr rap category. But […]