A deeper look into one of the most creative producers of the last half-decade.
Chris Daly doesn’t smoke stems, seeds, or sticks. “Sonically adventurous soundscapes” has become a descriptor of beat music that says nothing and something. However, I’m hard pressed to think of a better way to describe the latest from Kratos Himself, the somehow aptly titled “Dandelion Seeds.” The Dutch producer, who shares a name with one […]
Chris Daly eats peanut butter every day on the daily Let’s be honest with ourselves: one can never have too much jazz or hip-hop in one’s life. If you’re anything like me, you’re obviously attractive and well loved by everyone, but you also prefer your musical forays to go the backpack route. When you get […]
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Chris Daly is Hercules! Hercules! when writing up blog posts Desiderium, LA beatsmith TOKiMONSTA’s third EP, finds the Korean American treading familiar ground, sometimes to great effect. Her first album on her newly launched Young Art label contains a track or two that ranks with her best, and a few more that do her proud. […]
So you’re Chris Daly? That don’t impress me much You probably never imagined that we’d be sharing a Shania Twain cover with you, but you probably never thought drummer extraordinaire, Otis Brown III, would bother covering it for his upcoming Revive/Blue Note solo debut, The Thought of You, due to drop¬†Sept. 23, either.¬† If Brother […]
Dntel “Human Voice” September 25, 2014
Chris Daly is a New Jack Hustler Though most cats only only recognize James “Jimmy” Scott Tamborello as being one half of the Postal Service, most cats can be pretty ignorant. For those of us in the know, he more accurately should be described as a brilliant and accomplished electronic artist who has been operating […]
Chris Daly lives like he’s Drop Dead Fred Sure, the summer of 2014 “officially” is over and done with, but unless you’re a student, who gives a shit about arbitrary calendar dates anyway? September 2nd was the hottest day in the D.C. metro area this year, or at least it was for the purposes of […]
Chris Daly asks permission to come aboard, sir You don’t have to enjoy the mind expanding properties of shrubbery to enjoy the music of Flying Lotus or his rapping alter ego, Captain Murphy, but as this clip from Adult Swim proves, it certainly doesn’t hurt. Before the animated short even really begins, we see two […]
Chris Daly is the father of Dragons Peter Rosenberg knows a thing or two about hip hop, but you either already knew this or you’re reading the wrong blog. The NY Hot 97 DJ is getting ready to drop a mixtape, Winter Is Coming. For accuracy’s sake, let’s hope it gets here no later than […]
Chris Daly is really into Trap Step Wave Core Since it does come around once per year, Living Legends’ very own Luckiam likes to celebrate the occasion by dropping a free joint for the fans. This year’s gift from the Cali birthday boy enlists the talents of the equally lofty Myka 9 and Open Mike […]