Wax Poetics unearths a mix from '03, decides to share it with the world
DJ Platurn Drops Two New Mixes February 19, 2015
No necesitamos trabajar. Necesitamos cerveza.
Chris Daly is a Handsome Boy graduate. While we could debate endlessly what makes a “good” mixtape, we all can agree the best starting point is to have some deep crates and an excellent ear for what sounds sound great together.  Having produced some of the greatest music in the history of hip-hop probably doesn’t […]
Chris Daly dials M for monkey Not heard since 2003’s Dreams of Water Themes, it’s Adventure Time!  With that in mind, c’mon, grab your friends, today we’re going to very distant lands.  On Of Beyond, the L.A.-based duo of Daedelus, fancy lad producer extraordinaire, and Frosty, co-founder and creative director of dublab, have traveled past […]
Chris Daly is about four five seconds from Boris Spassky. Like most Americans who lived through the Cold War, I was under the impression that Mother Russia tapes beat listeners*. First Word Records’ own Fulgeance and DJ Scientist have proven just how wrong I was on their latest, “The Soviet Tape.” The project was culled […]
Chris Daly steals eardrums at midnight There’s that special time of night, well past sundown, with a few hours left ’til the sun goes and ruins everything.  That time when the after after after party is in full swing.  And if these are the hours you haunt, then you know damn well the perfect soundtrack […]
In the wake of her stunningly successful episode with 2 Chainz, Nancy Grace's producers green-lit an entire new season dedicated to rap music. We were able to obtain a sneak preview.
Chris Daly don’t know how to behave. If there’s a label out there today that better marries funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul into one gloriously decadent cosmic slop than First Word Records, I have yet to hear them.  Others embark upon the some glorious path of pure amalgamation, but First Word continually produces concoctions of the […]
Chris Daly always bets on black If you’re into blue-eyed soul, 2015 looks to be a pretty good year.  Folks rightfully  awaiting Tuxedo’s self-titled joint on March 3 might want to keep their  ears open to something else-The Jack Moves.  While the work of Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne as Tuxedo is not to be taken […]
 Chris Daly got a heater with a mute button To say there was anything “missing” from the original “Go” from Guilty Simpson and Small Professor’s Highway Robbery would be to imply the track wasn’t smoking in the first place.  This would be untrue.  Spitting over horns, wavering keys and taut snares taken to chiptuned extremes […]