Harold Stallworth has a style for every bump in your face. There’s somber darkness, and then there’s unsettling darkness. For an artist like Curren$y, always malleable to his producers’ creative vision, it spells the difference between sounding like an enlightened stoner or a gumshoe detective. He generally traffics in the former, but his latest single, […]
Harold Stallworth is a national treasure. Last Wednesday, on the mid-Atlantic leg of Curren$y’s “Drive-In Theatre” tour, a few things were immediately apparent. First, the only great entrée to be had at Howard Theatre, the cajun shrimp and grits, had been temporarily stricken from their balcony menu. Second, the production featured on Drive-In Theatre, while […]
After six years of putting out music on the Internet, Spitta Andretti is reaching Tim Duncan status: his consistency is boring. This year’s The Drive In Theatre, released in February, is Curren$y’s twenty-fifth mixtape since 2004 according to his Wikipedia. The project came and went like a Tim Duncan boxscore of 21 and 10 in […]
Max Bell also enjoys the New Beverly theatre.  After 30 plus projects, summarizing and/or describing the tropes of Curren$y’s music seems futile. The kush is from L.A. and the wax is from the Bay. The kicks are dead stock, the finest vintage. The money, classic cars and women keep moving. I know, you know, and Curren$y […]
Will Hagle is eating gazpacho with Ralph Macchio. Hip-hop rarely gets this luxurious. While tuxedo and mask-wearing artists like Jay and Ye often force-feed their excess, Spitta and Bronsolino casually discuss their Italian marble floors over delicate strings. Neither have the star power to assert dominance over the throne, but their laid-back braggadocio suggests that […]
Jonah Bromwich has seen it all, wide-frame. Many rappers have switched their subject matter to the mundane. Rather than boasting about being a Rawsian fake gangster, they make up for a lack of subject matter with outsize boasts about the cars they drive and the clothes they rock. The key to Curren$y’s appeal is that, […]
Were you aware that these guys smoke drugs? It’s true and they will tell you about it for the next 45 minutes with elan. Elan is a new strain of weed that you can get at the dispensary down the street. It’s an indica, bro. I’ve always thought Roddy was the best of the young […]
Deen’s original draft was written in psychedelic fonts. So the long-awaited sequel to How Fly is finally here. And it’s more or less what you’d expect: a pleasant, competent and occasionally excellent collection of songs about the lifestyles they lead. If I have to spell out what these two are rapping about in this space […]
One of the marks of a memorable rapper is when they write a line that should be a cliche, but somehow isn’t. Gates gets one off with “white and red whips like a Marlboro sign.”  This may be my favorite song from Luca Brasi, but it has seven or eight rivals. To it’s credit, it […]