Douglas Martin kicks the tires on Amen Dunes' cover of a beloved tune by Tim Buckley and This Mortal Coil
Douglas Martin examines the band with more aliases than Method Man, Parquet Courts, and their new album as their pseudonym Parkay Quarts
Douglas Martin pines over the latest dish from Liz Harris' pseudonym
Douglas Martin loves board games. The Mantles may have been borne out of the same dive bar garage-rock boom that swept the San Francisco Bay area before high rents and tech yuppies forced most of them out, but they’ve always had this sweetness about them that belies their peers. I’m not sure if it’s Michael […]
  Douglas Martin knows what you did last summer at the Jetty. In the Year of Our Lord 2014, Noah is still the humble shepherd forced with the task of leading whatever we refer to as “indie music” to the fabled promised land. Whereas most of Tomboy felt more subdued and its best moments either […]
Fellow sartorialist Douglas Martin looks back at Interpol's second album (with no tie clip)
Douglas Martin is back from the dead like Tobey Maguire from Brothers. People who don’t listen to lo-fi music frequently talk about how the genre is merely an aesthetic crutch, how using slender means to record your music (as well as the tape hiss and distortion that often comes with it) is a way to […]
Douglas Martin has two pairs of Red October’s on layaway Nobody likes being wrong about something. It was announced in January that Thee Oh Sees, a first-ballot Dirty Shoes Hall of Fame group if there ever was one, would be taking, in their words, “a very long break.” Upon hearing that news and to my […]