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TeeFLii connects with Evan Nabavian to talk about L.A. Reid and Sha-Money, becoming a father and much more.
Evan Nabavian mosied off gracefully Tanya Morgan braved the the rap Internet when it was largely uncharted territory. Nobody knew if blog hype and cosigns meant anything in the real world or if zshare numbers could put you on Billboard charts. This was 2006, before the enlightenment of smartphones, Twitter, and Soulja Boy. For better […]
Like the term "casual elegance," Evan Nabavian is beginning to embrace "Ratchet & Blues"
Evan Nabavian is familiar.  Whatever the circumstances, Chief Keef’s dismissal from Interscope signals the end of Chicago drill rap’s dalliance with the mainstream. The scene failed to capture America’s imagination the way trap did. Local legends will likely stay local and talent unearthed by DJ Bandz will have limited appeal outside of Chicago and astute rap […]
Evan Nabavian would settle for Financially Stable Homie Quan From where I’m standing, it looks like we’ve hit the apex of flamboyant, shirtless, caterwauling, lean-soaked, molly-fueled rap. That’s not to say it won’t get bigger, but its stars are experiencing the euphoric, intoxicating high that my seventh grade health teacher warned me about. Rich Homie […]
BJ The Chicago Kid Wants Mo October 20, 2014
  Evan Nabavian is swiping right on your Tinder. R&B crooner BJ The Chicago Kid channels that moment of clarity you get when you’re enraptured by the pussy. You’re about to dive in there and paint the Sistine Chapel, pitch a perfect game, and discover the Higgs Boson. The pussy is about to host a watershed […]
Evan Nabavian only flexes in the dark Rae Sremmurd are men of juxtapositions. They make a song about bad bitches, but then the video shows them having wholesome fun with two young ladies. They live for the turn up, but the video shows a sunny day at the carnival. The beat is somber and minimal, […]