News From the Future June 22, 2015
Future is God. God is Future.
Future's newest mixtape 56 Nights is the best use of the number since Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak.
Dan Adu-Gyamfi wants some more.  2014 was supposed to be the year Future reached superstardom. His second album, Honest, dropped in April to critical acclaim but the hits and sales compared to Pluto were lacking. Meanwhile, as his stock in the mainstream fell and the lane he created four years ago was officially taken over by […]
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Kyle Ellison carried Sergio Flores’ saxophone for 15 years Future has been brushing shoulders with the stars at Club Tropicana for a minute, but he still can’t get love from King George. I needn’t spill any more ink over The Wham Rap – its place in the hip hop history books secured. George Michael was […]
Doc Zeus is honest, even when he lies Atlanta rap troubadour/robot Future is one of rap’s greatest stylists. The breakthrough success of his 2012 debut album, Pluto, transformed Future from a gruff mixtape trap star into something approaching a sensitive, sentient rap love-bot seemingly inventing a new, heavily imitated aesthetic on the fly. Pluto’s audio […]
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Fuck sex tapes with their significant others, how much would you pay to watch a video of Future and Ye’s studio session? What do Nayvadius Cash and Grand Vizier Kanye Omari West talk about when the two of them are alone. Mind control? Inter-galactic space travel? The last decade of Maxim’s 100 Hottest babes list’s […]
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Dan Adu-Gyamfi ( is a sad cosmonaut. Since L.A. Reid’s blocked Future from releasing mixtapes,  we’ll never get the double disc tape Super Future/Fire Marshall Future. Hence, the only way the ATLien can feed the streets is through hosting mixtapes for DJs. Last month, the Astronaut Kid was featured prominently on Mike Will Made It’s […]
Future’s Army of Me September 23, 2013
Future Tresvant switching up his flow so effortlessly that the sad robot army left in his wake has to return to Ted Lawson for new programming. I interviewed Nayvadius at a studio in North Hollywood last week and there were a lot of epiphanies that extend beyond his mild resemblance to the raptor formerly known […]
Deen doesn’t do bow ties. It’s fair to say that Rawse has settled into something resembling a comfortable groove. He doesn’t really seem to be all that interested in or capable of making the biggest hits he can. In lieu of proper hit-making Rawse seems to have settled for making anthemic bangers that’ll do just […]
By Deen
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This is not suitable for a Monday morning. It’s probably not suitable for any morning. The Devil’s Harbinger seethes with a condemned fury that you’d expect from its name and title. A few months ago, The Devil hit me up to explain his latest project. Prior to donning his new nom de doom, he was […]