Corrigan Blanchfield and DJ Paul talk about friendship, growing up in Memphis, and rapping in a clique.
Zilla Rocca and Billy Danze talk N.W.A., Bobby Bonilla, and a yearly DJ Premier/M.O.P. collaboration.
Kamashi Washington and Corrigan Blanchfield talk about working with Kendrick Lamar, recording a three hour album, and the loaded signifiers of the word "jazz."
Evan Gabriel talks with Blu about being starstruck, optimism, and pilgrimages.
Corrigan Blanchfield and DJ Earl talk about the Teklife family, blowing up on Soundcloud, and hanging with DJ Rashad.
Son Raw speaks with Mr. Mitch and Yamenko about their collaborative album under the alias Yaroze Dream Suite
milo and Corrigan Blanchfield talk about greatness, metaphysics, and skinning cats.
Max Wonders and Evan Gabriel talk about Jennifer Aniston movies, aspiring to a normal life, and the power of colors.
In which Son Raw profiles Spokes and the two discuss Brexit versus Trump, Grime music, and gear.
Nitish Pahwa and Mndsgn talk about the West Coast sound, working with Stones Throw, and singing versus producing.