Chris Daly speaks with Mecca:83 about his new record, 'Life Sketches Vol. 3.' We also premiere the video for the album's "The Cusp."
Donna-Claire speaks with Brother Ali about spirituality, his new album, 'All the Beauty in this Whole Life,' and James Baldwin.
Justin Carroll-Allan talks with Bay Area legend Figg Panamera. POW also premieres the video for "Hand in Da Pot."
Donna-Claire speaks with Kirk Knight and Nyck Caution about their project, [email protected], Madlib, and the origins of Pro Era.
Julian Brimmers talks with Claude Speeed about nostalgia, playing on the radio, and the horrors of AI.
Mano Sundaresan speaks with Zach Witness about Dallas Boogie, music as a fighting force, and Andre 3000.
Justin Carroll-Allan speaks with P-Lo about repping the Bay Area, gentrification, and motivational videos on Youtube.
Jimmy Ness speaks with Autumn in June about his new record, 'Magenta,' growing up in the hood, and recording in a trap house.
Julian Brimmers has a fascinating track with Philly-based musician Moor Mother. The two touch on badminton, throwing up before shows, and squatting culture.
Will Schube talks with Sassy Black about her new record, Michael Jackson, and Ish Butler.