Pete Tosiello speaks with Oddisee about his forthcoming record, Iceberg, growing up in DC, and the role of leaders in our society.
Sam Ribakoff talks with DJ Spinna about his musical heroes, being a touring musician and a father, and the early days of DJ'ing.
Torii MacAdams talks with Will.I.Am about his days as Will 1X and his time with Ruthless Records and Eazy-E.
Will Schube and Will Epstein talk about loving Kanye West, making music with friends, and underlying qualities in heroes.
Cory Lomberg talks with Nite Jewel about her new album, controlling her own music, and collaborating with other artists.
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Sam Ribakoff speaks with Cakedog about the dangers of appropriating footwork, creativity in Los Angeles, and making music for dancing.
Thomas Johnson talks with Lando Chill about his new album, his relationship with Mello Music Group, and trying to avoid commercial temptations while making music.
Max Bell interviews the seasoned Atlanta production duo about their careers, their in-studio proclivities, and the current climate of Atlanta's rap scene.
Son Raw speaks with Strange Static's Aaron Vybe and Perch MC about genre boundaries and running a collective.
Jimmy Ness talks with teenage rapper Trapo about growing up black in Wisconsin, hearing his music played at his high school, and visiting Atlantic Records.