Lua Demeny talks with Pierre Kwenders about the stupidity of World Music as a genre, Igloofest, and high fashion.
Cory Lomberg speaks with Julia Holter about narrative, Greek tragedies, and recording in a studio versus by yourself.
Son Raw chats with Loom about his new EP European Heartache, working with Mr Mitch, and Gary Numan's synth collection.
Will Schube talks with Deantoni Parks about working with John Cale, sampling as a means of communication, and jam bands.
A debaucherous interview between Grime producer Letta and Houston hero Beatking. The two talk about about rap, gear, young producers, and strip club chicken.
Pete Tosiello sits down with the New York duo to discuss nostalgia, touring life, and inspiration for songwriting.
Sam Ribakoff talks with The Outfit, TX, who just released the excellent "Down By The Trinity. "
The Brownsville representative talks pain, gentrification, New York rap, The Manchurian candidate and much more.
Peter Holsin speaks with Jack Moves about R&B boot camp, Newark architecture, and the true definition of gangster.