Eli Zeger speaks with his father about Prince's historic 1982 show in New Jersey.
Will Schube speaks with Brian Allen Simon—who records and performs under the name Anenon—about intellectualizing art, classical training, and running a label.
Sam Ribakoff speaks with AshTreJinkins about the origins of house music, the LA beat scene, and California's Wild West.
An interview between Dres from Black Sheep and Marco Polowise about race in America.
Julian Brimmers and Aesop Rock talk about rapping at 50, making music in a barn, and the merits of keeping a tight creative circle.
Jimmy Ness speaks with the Chicago duo about incarceration, originality in rap music, and lawyers in prison.
Paley Martin speaks with ZelooperZ about Bruiser Brigade, the Bothic way, and his relationship with Odd Future.
Max Bell interviews rising Buffalo rapper Westside Gunn alongside the premiere of his new project, Roses Are Red...So is Blood.
Julian Brimmers speaks with Pusha T about growing up with Timbaland, his latest album, Darkest Before Dawn, and what lies ahead.
Cory Lomberg speaks with Shaun Fleming, the drummer for Foxygen and the mind behind Diane Coffee.