Jordan Pedersen thanks Black Orpheus for introducing bossa nova to America, but thinks it’s a garbage movie. The folks behind Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds, the new compilation from Favorite Recordings, must have been unbearably bored growing up. “Can’t you fogies speed it up?” they must’ve thought as bossa nova rose to prominence in the 60s and […]
Jordan Pedersen is workinonit I don’t envy the instrumentalist. Us writers get all these words to establish a setting, tell a story. But he without words has to tell a story through sound and mood alone. It’s gotta be hard. That’s probably why most producers stick with the same milieu: Blaxploitation, dusty grooves, teased afros […]
Producer Futurewife, electropop group Sister Girlfriend, and vocalist Tiffany Wan – they’re all from Seattle – are here to keep summer alive with the best defibrillator music has to offer: hot disco beats.
Jordan Pedersen wishes he could wish for more wishes. It’s easy to poke fun at Robin Williams in the cold light of adulthood. Robin Williams was not cool. Robin Williams was not distant or ironic. He was the opposite: a human turbine, a supernova of comedic energy. He talked too much. He made a lot […]
If Jordan Pedersen said some of the things Jeremih says, he’d be rightly tased. There’s virtue in saying no. We’ve all got that one friend who says yes to everything and never shows up to anything. “Yeah I’ll see if I can stop by,” the noncommittal text, the “Maybe” RSVP on Facebook. At the risk of sounding […]
Jordan Pedersen‘s hope was a rope, and he should have known. From the years of 2003 to 2007, The Very Best of Curtis Mayfield never left my car. In an era when I thought you couldn’t get better than the parodic self-seriousness of bands like Thursday, Curtis was a falsetto revelation from my one weird friend […]
Now Jordan Pedersen really wants to go to Angola too. “Write what you know,” they say. Great advice, except if what you know is boring as sin. Not that that’s a problem for Lisbon DJ Batida. According to an interview with iCrates, Pedro Coquenão was born in Angola but came up in Lisbon. He grew up […]
Jordan Pedersen doesn’t usually smoke, but pass the dro. “I smoke blunts to the face to stay motivated.” Really? Maybe I should switch to sativa, but just about every joint I’ve ever had makes me want to put my feet up and watch Adventure Time. Those of us who wake up a bit more traditionally have […]
Jordan Pedersen killed Laura Palmer. Mystique sells. Just about the entire indie R&B outfit – the Weeknd, BenZel, Rhye, How to Dress Well – parachuted into the game under cover of darkness. Where are these guys from? Is it a band or a producer project? Is there someone *famous* involved?! But mystery only gets you […]
Jordan Pedersen never wanted to be your weekend lover. Purple Rain, the staggeringly great album by Prince Rogers Nelson, turns 30 today. It was the first Prince album I ever owned, and the title track is my single favorite song of all time. Alas, I have little to add to the heap of critical ink […]