Are you fucking kidding me?
To be quite honest, I hope Kendrick gets lit this weekend.
King Kendrick's comeback single meets the last "Control" response.
By Deen
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Max Bell carried the cross so you could play Candy Crush 2012’s Control System was an inspired and unforeseen coup. Ab-Soul brought inquisition and introspection, paranoia and conspiracy theories by the oz. There were hits of DMT, witty wordplay, and pineal gland prodding.  It was the Carson native’s claim to the title of ‘Best Behind […]
Words by Jonah Bromwich.  Art by Brad Beatson Smarm is everywhere. Take Big Sean on “Control (HOF),” smarming it up like a pro. And if you go back and pay attention to Big Sean’s lyrics, he is a professional smarmer. “I’m over niggas sayin’ they’re the hottest niggas Then run to the hottest niggas just […]
The harder the rapper that Kendrick Lamar is paired against, the more vicious he is. It’s not like he’s remotely soft. This is the man who told the world that he has a collage in his garage of everyone he’s despised since the moment he turned five. But the show and prove element that he […]
Abe Beame is waiting for your 4 page letter at In the Summer of 2011, I immediately started pushing Kendrick Lamar and Section 80 for album of the year, following a headlining showcase at S.O.B.’s. The venue is a tiny sweatbox in SoHo, one of the few small and affordable places left to catch […]