West Coast Round Up July 21, 2014
Max Bell is starring opposite Robert DeNiro in “Meet the Flockers 2” Last week was a long week for various reasons. Rap and reefer helped. The Cali cure is generally best. Below are some of the latest offerings from L.A. rappers I played during that time. It’s a markedly mixed bag, comprised of veterans, gangsters, […]
Deen mean-mugged through this whole blog post. Confession: I’ve never really been into MC Eiht’s music. Not in his solo or Compton’s Most Wanted incarnations. I heard “Straight Up Menace” off the Menace II Society soundtrack like everyone else, but I generally missed out on his 90s stuff for the twin reasons of being too […]
By Deen
Funk is not a fad, but you could’ve been fooled otherwise. No need to delve into Wiki histories of the genre’s Boom Box War defeat by the 808s of “Rock Box” and Rick Rubin. Or the occasional renaissance’s in the SP’s of Dr. Dre and DJ Quik, Erick Sermon, the Lords of the Underground, and […]
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