For the latest installment of Shots Fired, we had on Ty$, the soulful singer of rap music and ratchet Spanish Fly, who was especially calm, cool, and relaxed despite having a hit single called “Paranoid.” Credit it to the blunt tucked behind his ear or the fact that his song is on radio multiple times […]
The episode is called “Guns and Monsters” because our guests were Pistol McFly and Snubnose Frankenstein. Two young rappers named after violent weapons who are both very good human beings. But that’s on the low-low. As is the mission of Shots Fired, we had them on the program to try to get them to play […]
Nobody, Nocando, and the ethereal disembodied falsetto of Baths take a trip to the beach, smoke some seaweed, scream “Free Max B,” and invoke Aztec Gods, in the video for the single from Vivid Green that Chris Daly already vivisected. Essential listening if you’ve ever wondered how to turn a snorkel into a “water pipe.” […]
Chris Daly appreciates the visual metaphor of this album cover. I could give two pox what this year’s “official song of the summer” is.  The further you get past your teens, the less the term has any meaning. At this stage in the game, while some of my peers might be listening to “classic rock […]
Max Bell was a Blowedian in a past life. If Busdriver is the adenoidal vocal gymnast and Open Mike Eagle is the smooth and laid back “dark-skinned art baron,” then Nocando is the man in the middle (and the man at the helm of Hellfyre Club), with Busdriver’s seemingly inexhaustible energy and Mike’s ability to […]
I host a podcast with Nocando, so it’s pretty easy for me to take for granted that he’s a great rapper. He didn’t listen to my advice to call this mixtape, 85% Tits and Explosions, but everything else here is certified. There will be a review of this sooner than later. In the meantime, soak […]
In what might be the appropriate guest for a podcast named Shots Fired, we had Gangsta Gibbs on this week’s episode. Since Freddie is on the short-list of both best rappers breathing and most knowledgeable sports fans, it seemed only natural that he would help us break down the history of athletes trying to rap. […]
The intention was to get two of the savviest managers in the music business into the studio and have them dish on the unsavory stories and sundry shadiness that they’ve come across during their time in the industry. We completely failed at that. However, I think that Dan Weisman (Elitaste Inc, former manager of Wale, […]
If you are one of those people who is obsessed with audio fidelity and formality, this might not be your favorite episode. Due to Blockhead and Nocando’s tour schedules, the only time we could get together to record this episode was on a Saturday afternoon at my apartment, buoyed by a lot of Irish whiskey, […]
For the last Shots Fired of the year, Nocando and I had on Paul Iannacchino as our guest. Paul is the director of “Adult Rappers,” a documentary film about what it’s like to be a grown man and still rapping. A good portion of the episode was spent making jokes about Brian Pumper, the only […]