Son Raw's latest mix featuring unreleased Grime Dubplates, White labels and some of his own production
JT the Goon and Murlo are Starsky and Hutch, except English. And they're not cops. And they produce music. Basically the only thing these two duos have in common is the cool factor, but I think that's enough to warrant the comparison nonetheless.
The next installment in our mix series comes straight outta Bristol, a city with both a long musical history (I'll spare you the rehash) and a vital role in contemporary Grime. OH91 is a certified badman producer with riddims blending the raw and aggressive side of classic Grime to contemporary Hip-Hop 808 booms and hi hat rolls - a combination that keeps things current without gussying up the proceedings.
Protip: if you want to peak my curiosity, you could do far worse than describing yourself as 'Wutang, meets Happy Mondays in the 21st Century' while bragging about handing melons out a stretch hummer during your press engagements.
K9's Mad in the Cut is dark, raw and angry. Fans of hardcore rap should pay attention.
A new mix by South London's Riz La Teef with exclusives from Gundam, JT the Goon, Grandmixxer and more.
Son Raw speaks to the man behind Grime's most emotional album yet about growing up in Catford and moving forward as a musician
An interview with the man behind one of Bristol's hottest new labels.
Swing Ting step out the Club November 20, 2014
anchester's Swing Ting haven't tied itself down to a particular genre of music or sought international attention but they have, by all accounts, thrown some wicked events combining dubwise Bass and the North's longtime love of uptempo dance music - all elements that get Son Raw's seal of approval.