There's always been a weird uncanny valley effect to Murlo's music where South and East Asian tonalities and instruments collide to create world music from a country that doesn't really exist.
Dusk & Blackdown told you so October 22, 2014
Back 2 Go FWD is a victory lap of sorts - a knowing smirk acknowledging that the sounds Dusk & Blackdown are shepherding are once again at the vanguard of the Hardcore Continuum's latest transformation. Far from overpowering the music however, this new-found swagger suits the duo like a glove, resulting in their most physically engaging production yet.
46 raw beats from the Fruityloops era mixed at high speeds in a pirate radio style.
R.I.P John Holt October 20, 2014
We pay tribute to reggae legend John Holt
She's Drunk's Physical EP is one of the more interestingly experimental dance releases that's landed in my inbox recently, one that avoids easy classifications and formulas in favor of an open-ended approach to urban music.
Shriekin’s Orchestration October 14, 2014
Son Raw takes a look at Irish Grime producer Shriekin's debut EP and discovers music that deserves to go far beyond that genre's confines.
Today would have been DJ Rashad's Birthday. Hyperdub and Teklife celebrate his life via video
Son Raw interviews Slackk about coming up in Liverpool, his debut album Palm Tree Fire, and literary track titles.
What is instrumental music about? It’s a question I struggle with when reviewing beats because fundamentally, the answer is nothing. Yet as humans (or barring that, music writers) we constantly search for meaning and representation in sounds that are completely abstract, to make sense of the emotions they conjure in us.
Rabit's Black Dragons was so far ahead of its time when it dropped that he can release a vocal version over a year and a half later and still have it sound fresh out the box. Meanwhile, Riko's yardman flow is an immediate draw and his tendency to vocal the deepest, darkest riddims separates it from trancehall's current obsession with chart pop.