In the immortal words of Ghandi: Fucks with me and my record store bills.
New Dancehall mix by Berlin-Via-Montreal rudegyal Vilify for the Passion of the Weiss mix series. Do the dutty wine to it.
Catch Sach in the evening, he got mental 'til dawn
Youngsta plays 3 hours of Skream's XOYO residency on his Rinse FM show. Plastician, Coki, Hatcha, Loefah and Benga guest.
Skepta Shuts it Down March 6, 2015
His latest single is 100% uncut Grime and Son Raw is celebrating
New Bristol-based label Blacklink Sound launches with a free compilation.
Kahn and his partner in crime Neek have unleashed a torrent of tracks operating in hyper-specific genre confines, thriving in the process. While both producers have released free-form material as part of the Young Echo collective, their Roots, Dancehall, Dubstep and Grime tracks under their principal aliases and as Gorgon Sound stand as some of the strongest sound system music in recent memory.
Girl Unit is in Hysterics February 6, 2015
As far as second acts go, Girl Unit's re-invention as Hysterics sets the gold standard for producer seeking to shed their old sounds without losing what made their music so special.