Okay, We’re Reloaded September 24, 2014
Last week, I was updating the blogroll for the re-launch of this site and remembered that not only do blogrolls no longer exist, no longer do most blogs. I’m not talking about Tumblr accounts where teenagers achieve new and thrilling scientific breakthroughs in Giff.ery each week. I’m talking about the wave that crested in the […]
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Son Raw’s thinking ‘bout freek’n’you. Momentum’s been building for a few years, but Hip-Hop’s awkward fumble throughout 2014 so far has confirmed it: R&B is officially the driving force in black music. For 80s babies, this makes for strange times – we grew up in an era where R&B was a palette cleanser, a gateway […]
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Dweez has been assigned Steve Zahn as a doppleganger on more than one occasion. “This was a brief glittering moment of jazz as straight-up entertainment before the music was bogged down by academia and oppressive seriousness. Jazz was once the music of the people, and an element of entertainment value was not just provided: it […]
Paul Thompson might take a loss but bitch, he’d rather take his chances Do you remember the single from the second Mike Jones album? Of course you don’t. “Mr. Jones” was released in September of 2006, debuting at #92 on Billboard and disappearing almost immediately after. You remember the beat, though—Lil Wayne repurposed it as […]
Son Raw’s lamping with the World Cup Before MoMA approved conceptual Sino-Grime, before transnational club tunes, and before producers started working at 130BPM, there was Oil Gang. Kicking off a string of no-holds bared releases in 2010 as Grime’s second act was just beginning, the London-based label has been a key factor in drawing attention […]
Who is Ice Cube? June 13, 2014
Jesse Taylor doesn’t know but today seems kind of odd Prologue December 24, 1992 Floating high amongst trees grazing wind-blown leaves was a pitch-black figure approaching a large home. It passed through the stucco exterior and inside the walls. In the master bedroom snoring loudly was rap music legend Ice Cube. He cuddled against his […]
The greatest rap video show in the history of Beverly Hills returns for its fourth episode — first released on April 16th, 1993. The guest hosts are the Pharcyde beaming live from Delicious Vinyl’s label offices on Sunset Blvd. Fatlip is absent because Fatlip. The word “papes” is used repeatedly in regards to “The Hills.” […]
I had a conversation yesterday about who could remotely considered to be called the next Outkast. As you’d expect, there were no answers. One of the explanations is that Outkast were a group, closer to a rock band than a solo artist. You don’t need me to recite all the rap platitudes about rap groups […]
Paul Thompson was last scene at Harold’s with a two piece and fries If you still haven’t seen True Detective, don’t worry. We here at Passion of the Weiss present the following footage just as Freddie Gibbs chose to: without context. But as you follow Matthew McConaughey’s Detective Rust Cohle through doors and past stunned […]
Abe Beame heard that you look like MC Hammer on crack. Everyone’s talking about YG and DJ Mustard’s Compton throwback, My Krazy Life and its standout track, “Meet the Flockers”. In the song, YG gives us a brief overview on the fine points of home invasion. The song is glorious, but it’s hardly the first […]