After seeing his set at Montreal's IglooFest, Son Raw pays tribute to the Low End Theory detonator.
Butterz' latest Scars EP feels particularly significant, since it positions the imprint as a connector between the old school and new.
Son Raw's latest mix featuring unreleased Grime Dubplates, White labels and some of his own production
R.I.P John Holt October 20, 2014
We pay tribute to reggae legend John Holt
Ka’s Dead Prophet Report October 16, 2014
Anwar Sabreen does not approve your trite Disney references.  Ka is no longer a secret. He is Brownsville’s late bloom comeback story. He went from bowing out of the rat race gracefully, to crafting two critically acclaimed albums back to back. His YouTube channel had been transmogrified into a frigid project cul de sac via a […]
Asking music writers to agree on one thing is an impossible task. Some think Young Thug’s otherworldly yelps ruled the summer while others would prefer he return to his home planet. One thing you can depend on is most of these tunes will inspire unrestrained dancing all the way into autumn. See below for our […]
Okay, We’re Reloaded September 24, 2014
Last week, I was updating the blogroll for the re-launch of this site and remembered that not only do blogrolls no longer exist, no longer do most blogs. I’m not talking about Tumblr accounts where teenagers achieve new and thrilling scientific breakthroughs in Giff.ery each week. I’m talking about the wave that crested in the […]
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Son Raw’s thinking ‘bout freek’n’you. Momentum’s been building for a few years, but Hip-Hop’s awkward fumble throughout 2014 so far has confirmed it: R&B is officially the driving force in black music. For 80s babies, this makes for strange times – we grew up in an era where R&B was a palette cleanser, a gateway […]
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Dweez has been assigned Steve Zahn as a doppleganger on more than one occasion. “This was a brief glittering moment of jazz as straight-up entertainment before the music was bogged down by academia and oppressive seriousness. Jazz was once the music of the people, and an element of entertainment value was not just provided: it […]