Yes. You heard me correctly. The debate that no one asked for: which 80s time travel movie is better, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure or Back to the Future.

Check it out here.

As you might imagine picking between two such fine films led to many sleepless nights. However, I think I made the right decision. Also worth noting about the article is the fact that the comments section might have inspired the first-ever large scale defense of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Fucking hipsters. Do you guys have to find everything ironic? (That said I’ll throw down for the playing battleship with Death sequence anyday).

After you read the post, I highly advise you to download the MP3’s below. They are all awesome. The first song needs no introduction: “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News. The second song is “Doubleback” which you might remember from Back to the Future III, being played by a little bearded band named ZZ Top. For my money, it’s a top 5 ZZ top song. Last, but certainly not least, we have “Breakaway” by Big Pig, originally from an album called Bonk (true story). I like to refer to it as the best song ever made. It’s also known as the song that plays during Bill and Ted’s opening credits.

MP3: Huey Lewis & The News: “Power of Love” from The Back to the Future OST
MP3: ZZ Top: “Doubleback” from The Back to the Future III OST

Mp3: Big Pig: “Breakaway” from the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure OST

Socrates Says: Check Out These Other Links Too

Fimoculous picks his Top 21 albums of the year. #1 The Hold Steady. Can’t argue with that.

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Pitchfork has a guest list feature with Jim James of My Morning Jacket. He reveals his strategy for old school Nintendo Ice Hockey (all fat guys). The guy knows his music. I’ll give him that but everyone knows it’s two fat dudes and a skinny guy. You need a playmaker.

Gorilla Vs. Bear has tracks for “people who don’t like hip-hop,” with tracks from Tribe, Black Sheep, Hiero, Deltron, De La Soul and Camp Lo.

This article from the Village Voice makes me happy for once that I live in LA.
(via Leaf)

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