In four years of college, my three closest friends and I must’ve watched Half Baked roughly 50 times. And one thing that invariably occurred during these sessions was a brief debate over which character in the film we most resembled. One friend became a schoolteacher. He obviously was Kenny. Another applied for a job as a director of the custodial arts (a janitor if you wanna’ be a dick about it). Clearly, he was Thurgood. Today, I fulfill my destiny as Brian, Jim Breuer’s record store character, who really hates Kenny Loggins but loves the Dead and being half-baked. As for the month of March, I am filling in every Friday at the awesome Echo Park record shop, Sea Level Records, while Todd, the store’s owner goes on-tour with the Silversun Pickups (before making snide remarks, read Duke’s dead-on rant).

Feeling a good bout of self-indulgence coming on and being highly likely to be bored, I will live blog the proceedings. So tune back from the hours of Noon till 9:00 (pst) as I get to make snide remarks to hipsters about how much Wolf Eyes sucks. If anyone wants to come visit me to buy music and/or pelt me with tomatoes, it’s at 1716 W. Sunset, down the street from the Echo in Echo Park. I will be serving punch and pie. In the meantime, amuse yourself with these fine links.

Ian Cohen writes the best review of an album that I’ve read all year, eloquently describing the brilliance of the Passion of the Weiss approved, New Jersey hip-hop duo, Dalek.

Apparently, its sweeps week at Stylus, because we also interviewed The Hold Steady

Ace Cowboy, from his Glide Magazine roost, drops this outstanding jam with Brazilian tropicalia great Gilberto Gil and Stevie Wonder.

Skeet on Mischa makes sense.

After watching from the video and the first single leaked from Timbaland’s new album, I have become convinced that it will have no chance of having a song close to as good as “Lobster and Scrimp.” At this point, I’d settle for “Up Jumps the Boogie.”

Tune in later to see if I end up getting fired and turning to a life of selling drugs like my Half Baked namesake. Seeing as though I will be there all alone, I see this as highly unlikely. But, stranger things have happened.

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