The problems of live-blogging have been solved. Who knew that running Internet Explorer on a Mac wasn’t a good idea (other than roughly 99 percent of the globe). Oh, Safari, you’re my only friend.

So I’m back and with two hours to kill until I check out. A man wearing a paper Burger King crown on his head just came in and starting singing some sort of weird song about hair. I believe he may have told me that my hair was perfect. Clearly, he hadn’t read yesterday’s blog. As much as I’d like to be perfectly coiffed, the idea is damn near unthinkable in a world in which Oscar Charles Gamble lives and breathes.

At another juncture, two kids from the neighborhood came in and asked me where the hip-hop albums were. They didn’t buy any, instead they asked me if CMJ Magazine was free. It had the Clipse on the cover. They seemed pretty stoked. I told them to apply for a job as an “Internet music critic.” They then asked me “what the fuck’s the internet.” Okay, I’m kidding about that last part, but seriously, I think Jay and Silent Bob Stike Back might be Ben Affleck’s last good moment, ever.0

Being a hipster record store clerk might be the best job I’ve ever had. It certainly beats when I was a bus boy at an Italian restaurant where the owner refused to pay me for training. Or the time when I was a camp counselor and got fired for getting into an altercation with the life guard. I won’t get into the messy details, but they threatened to call security on me. Luckily, it was a park and they didn’t actually have security.

Buy music people. I’m this close to busting out a book and god knows, I don’t want to read Othello. Mainly, because every time I think about the board game, Othello. Which would’ve no doubt made Shakespeare proud to know that 400 years later, one of his finest tragedies got turned into a board game. Either way, I much prefer the comedies. Namely, Hungry Hungy Hippos.

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