Two days ago this was the scene at Sea Level. Shattered glass sprayed across the store, as a drunken driver plowed through the front door in his battered red pick-up. And it’s very strange to type these words as I look at the plywood boads nailed into the wall directly to the right of me. Of course, its not my own mortality that I’m pondering. It’s more the quesion of how drunk do you have to be to take out, a parking meter, a tree, a pediestrian AND still manage to drive through two store fronts. I assume he must have been drinking MD 20/20. Drink a couple bottles of that stuff and all bets are off. I follow few rules in life. But one of them is don’t drink any liquor named after a character from Back to the Future III (this also includes whiskey that smokes). I also refuse to drink green liquor unless it is St. Patrick’s Day. In the meantime, the store is open and I am working. Proving that like Keith Richards, Sea Level Records cannot be killed by conventional weapons.

Somone Get This Man A Bottle of Courvorsier

It’s rather miraculous that El-P rocked such a horrifically good pornstache while recording, I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead. How could he focus on making music with a dead muskrat on his upper-lip? These are the questions that I ask, listening to El-P’s I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead at simply inappropriate volume levels (Sea Level has the booming system.) I am positive I have frightened several passerbys on the street. Between that and the boarded-up windows, people must think the apocalypse is literally occuring. I’m okay with that.

People seemed to like The Pharcyde’s Labcabincalifornia, which I’d previously been playing, a bit more than the El-P. But I’m pretty sure they’re both awesome in different ways. I also just met Doctashock of the new blog, Alternatakids. His blog currently has back-to-back posts on The Stooges and El-P. Needless to say, it is recommended.

Modest Mouse: The Late Hours

Listening to the Modest Mouse album. Good not great. Though that’s sort of how I feel about every Modest Mouse album. They’re all pretty good, but I never want to listen to them. Every one of the albums could be trimmed about 20 minutes and no one would notice. As someone so aptly pointed out at Stylus, this album doesn’t have any “Float On’s” but it has a lot of “Ocean Breaths Salty.” Though “Dashboard is pretty close to capable of making Seth Cohen flip his wig. Or can I not say that anymore now that the show is canceled. Now where will I do find to find out good music? Fuck. I guess there’s always Zach Braff. I hear that Coldplay band is pretty bitchin.’

Sales today have been surprisingly solid. Perhaps the neighborhood is taking pity on us for our lovely plywood storefront. I’ve already told management that we should just put up a poster of the Arcade Fire out front with the sign: “No Cars Go.” After all, they are the greatest band in all history of mankind and earth.

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