April 10, 2007

It’s baseball season so its high time that talk turned to souvenirs. After all, as the title of this post declares everyone likes souvenirs. Do you remember being 8-years old going to a game for the first time and wanting a souvenir? I certainly do. And if you hate Souvenir, you’re basically saying that you hate 8-year olds. How could you? Like I was saying, everyone likes souvenirs, even the electronic, 80s inspired, French-singing, Pamplona, Spain based duo known as Souvenir. A group, whose third record, 64, is the type of dance record that transcends genres, a blaring shiny 80s-inspired pop record with charms impossible to deny.

Think Annie backed by Fujiya and Miyagi, singing in French and you’ll get a little bit of the gist. (aka hipster catnip.) Bass lines fly thick and sturdy as steel cables, mixed with Dick Dale surf riffs and Souvenir’s lead singer, Patricia de la Fuente, delivering breathy French vocals with cocaine cool. Meanwhile, hypnotic skittering drum beats make you feel like you should be in an Ibiza discoteque, chilling out with a bunch of beautiful people wearing skinny ties and thin mustaches, several of whom go by the name Francois. Yet 64, remains remarkable in spite of the fact.

I wish I could tell you more about this group, but their biography’s in Spanish and I’m not about to spend an hour and half trying to decipher what’s what. They’re pretty underground like that.
If you have a passing interest at all in electronic music, the album is highly recommended,.
And if you don’t want to pay the $30 for import fees (which is like the valet parking of music), check out these tracks here. Just don’t blame me when you start hanging out with guys named Francois (or possibly, Clermont).


MP3: Souvenir-“Accident a Londres”
MP3: Souvenir-“Les surfeurs”

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