Ian Cohen used to blog here. He usually writes here. Periodically, he drops knowledge on us here at the Passion of the Weiss. Neither he nor I are related to Sally Shapiro. We think.

Sally Shapiro’s name might fool you into thinking that this is a singer-songwriter album from Cherry Hill’s most renowned ear, nose and throat. In actuality, it’s an italo disco record and for all I know, it might be the italo disco “Discovery” or “Music Has The Right To Children. In other words, the “it’s ok to like this” representative of its techno subgenre.

Problem is, I’ll never be able to figure it out because being loaded off cocaine isn’t just the key to enjoying “Disco Romance”- it’s pretty much the admission ticket. And really, I can’t think of too many other places it’d be appropriate to listen to this thing outside of a club, but I can’t imagine too many clubs that would play this. Let’s be real, this is just more “I’m the producer’s girlfriend” vocalizing and beats that would probably be state of the art in 1977. A lot of people seem to be riding for the cause of “Disco Romance,” none of whom strike me as the “all night coke orgy this Tuesday type. But if you’re a hipster with a bunch of graphics you need to design, why not…Fuck yeah!” this is your record.

Until I become that person , this is my front-runner for the inaugural “Drum’s Not Dead” Award for “critically acclaimed album you will never play in front of other people.” Seriously…next time you’re driving to pick up one of your friends, play “Disco Romance.” Does that person, a) get out immediately or b) stay in for the sole purpose of laughing at your sorry ass for trying in vain to like this? If the answer is “no” for both, this is not the kind of person you want as a friend.

MP3: Sally Shapiro-“I’ll Be By Your Side”
MP3: Sally Shapiro-“Find My Soul”

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