Why are this week’s links presented by Dr. Strangelove? Well, I’m not sure Mein Fuhrer, I mean Mr. President. However, I’m currently listening to “Dr. Strangelove” from the new Blonde Redhead record and I recently purchased the special edition of Dr. Strangelove last weekend (for $9.99 at Von’s…go figure). And honestly, how are you going to argue with a deranged German scientist named Strangelove. I thought so.

Hip Hop Ruckus has a track from a good friend of mine, Houston MC, Wade Word (actually his real name) and his guest appearance on “Extreme” a track from the similarly awesomely named Culver City Croquet Club. Go over there and scoop it up.

Hip Hop Sgt. Pepper’s

Poisonous Paragraph’s is doing a run-down of the greatest MC’s of all-time, including some unsung greats. Required reading.

Floodwatch has a very interesting interview with Zilla of Clean Guns.
(From Da Bricks agrees)

I’ve never mentioned fellow Stylus-ite and Angeleno James Cobo’s Green Pea-ness before on this blog, but it’s a great site and his write-up on French techno sensation Justice has me wishing I’d been at the Ed Banger party last week.
(as though Scott Sterling hadn’t already made me jealous enough)

Crooklyn’s Classics has a d/l of BBD’s Poison record. You know you want it. How often are you going to listen to that old tape cassette.

Another day, another monstrously worthwhile post from Wake Your Daughter Up, as Travis tackles the Def Jux/Google Blogger Scandal and then drops some soul classics you probably want.

And in honor of the Good Doc.

MP3: Blonde Redhead-“Dr. Strangelove”

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