July 13, 2007

I was supposed to have a different post up today, but fate struck in the form of my cell crumbling in my palm last night. Yes, you heard me right, it literally crumbled in my palm. You see a car backfired, I juggled it, caught it in mid-air and when I opened up my hand, it looked like it had been guillotined. I didn’t even know such a thing was possible.

Naturally, I have no land-line (thanks telemarketers), so I’m forced to drop everything to go into the Verizon Store to get it fixed. I anticipate this trip will take roughly the run-time of listening to the new T.I. record back to back and will probably be even more dull (if such a thing is possible). The thing about going to a Verizon store is no matter what time of day you roll up , you can always count on a few things to occur: you will wait in a long line while listening to Fergie. Secondly, you will encounter an employee who will give you some sort of static, involving the phrase, “uh…sir your plan doesn’t cover that.” Third, mid-way through the second hour you will fantasize about committing some sort of mass murder involving a cell phone lighter charger , three of the four Black Eyed Peas (that App. D. App fellow can stay, just because) and a pack of double AA batteries. Maybe that’s just me. Either way, I’m just hoping the gods of cellphone maintenance take mercy on my soul. Pray for me.

MP3: My Morning Jacket-“Phone Went West”
MP3: The Firm-“Phone Tap”

Can You Hate Me More?

Certified Bangers is counting down the Top 100 Rap Singles of All-Time, with MP3’s. Awesome.

Crock Tock rates the 10 best chains in America. Can’t go wrong with his #1 choice, recently confirmed by our trip to Tennessee.

Blogs for Dogs hips to you the tour dates for the always brilliant Sunset Rubdown’s fall tour, complete with a must-have MP3 from their Daytrotter session.

Berkeley Place has some live MP3’s of old Led Zep songs performed at this year’s Bonnaroo Super Jam session that featured John Paul Jones, ?uestlove and Ben Harper. I wasn’t there, as I was seeing Aesop Rock, El-P and Shadow, but I will say that watching John Paul Jones perform “No Quarter” with Gvt. Mule was one of the five musical highlights of the festival.

Galactic Mystery Solves analyzes Rakim and why hip-hop heads give you the Salem Witch treatment if you dare to issue a mild critique of any of his catologue.

Oceans Never Listen loves the new Spoon album. So do I.

Scott Sterling has a new blog on the Metromix website. It is called Blipster. Rest assured, it promises to be great.

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