July 20, 2007

As Joey aptly put it yesterday morning, the just leaked Camp Lo in Black Hollywood, is a legitimate contender for best hip-hop album of the year. Especially considering ’07 has been nothing but aging veterans trying to make classics past their prime, against all the odds. Redman was solid but unspectacular and loaded with filler. Prodigy was good but honestly, that isn’t the Prodigy of old, we all know that. Pharoahe was on some Andre 3000 shit. Again, good but no Internal Affairs or Stress. The entire second half of Devin the Dude was a throwaway. And Raekwon? Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 is about as real as Anthony Michael Hall’s girlfriend “from Canada” in Weird Science.

I’ll save the proclamations for the full review, but in my opinion, Lo are the only vets to actually pull it off. This might be their best album yet and I’ve already made it clear how much I love Uptown Saturday Night. Just listen to album opener, “My Posse from the Bronx” and tell me if it isn’t the best intro since “Shakey Dog.”

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MP3: Camp Lo-“Posse from the Bronx”

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