Life will always be shot full of heartache, melancholy and sadness, some of which can’t be blamed on the popularity of Pat Robertson, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Big Momma’s House. You might get fired from your job. You might break up with your girlfriend. You might be forced to sit through a sequel that may not involve Martin Lawrence dressing in drag and shattering any and all fond memories you have of Martin (but not Tisha Campbell circa 92).

That’s why it’s always nice to have records that can capture the sense of lonesome despair that can creep up on you when you realize that Arrested Development can’t exist in the modern world (at least, not on network). Travel By Sea’s Shadows Rise is one of those records, a dozen melancholy and beautiful folk songs perfect for that low ebb. It sort of reminds me a a darker varsion of the last Peter and the Wolf record. A record that seems slight on first listen but gains in complexity and depth with each run-through.

The collaboration of Tustin, California’s Kyle Kersten and Denver, Colorado’s Brian Kraft, Shadows Rise was actually released last year, but is deservedly getting the re-release treatment from The latest release from Justin “Aquarium Drunkard” Gage’s Autumn Tone label. With a follow-up “Days of My Escape,” slated to be released later this summer, Travel by Sea are definitely worthy of being placed on your radar. Especially if your radar doesn’t come equipped with Prozac.

Purchase: Travel By Sea – Shadows Rise
MP3: Travel By Sea :: Complete Shakeup
MP3: Travel By Sea :: I Won’t Let You Down

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