10. Because if you don’t come, Aaron Kyle, lead singer of Le Switch, will actually beat you with le switch.

9. Because if you don’t, I will cry myself to sleep tomorrow night. And by cry, I mean drink.

8. Because if you don’t, The Deadly Syndrome will actually give you a Deadly Syndrome. I’m not sure which one yet, but don’t rule out Anthrax.

7. Because there is no possible way that the show can be as bad as its name.

6. To see if Aquarium Drunkard can actually drink an entire Aquarium’s worth of liquor. I wouldn’t bet against him.

5. To see Kevin Bronson get as buzzed as the name of his column would suggest.

4. To hear Jax from Rock Insider and Joe from Radio Free Silverlake spinning between sets. And juggling.

3. Because though I’ve never actually met the good folk from LA Underground, judging from the seedy connotations of their name, they would seem to be excellent people to score drugs from (and by drugs, I actually mean drugs).

2. For the opportunity to see me do a live and possibly spontaneous rant about hipsters in fedoras. And more importantly, for the opportunity to see whether or not I actually have enough pull to get the doorman to turn away the wanna-be Humphrey Bog-tards.

1. So in ten years, when all the bands on this bill are playing really big venues and engaging in Motley Crue-esque levels of debauchery, you can tell all your friends that you saw them way back when. (Provided that you don’t tell them that the show was called Now Blog This, they’ll totally think you’re awesome).

The show starts at 9 and it’s only $5. Phoenix and the Turtle go on at 9:30, Le Switch at 10:15, The Deadly Syndrome at 11:00 and Aushua at 11:45. Be there or be a quadrilateral.

MP3: The Deadly Syndrome-“Eucalyptus”
MP3: The Deadly Syndrome-“Winter in You”

MP3: Le Switch-“Tongue Tied”
MP3: Le Switch-“Living in Another World”

Download tracks at Aushua’s Myspace

Phoenix and the Turtle on Myspace

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