August 24, 2007

This weekend is the fourth annual Fuck Yeah Fest, two nights full of freaky, eclectic music determined to prove once and for all, that hipsters know how to fuck. Or something. I’ve never heard of 1/4 of the bands slated to play, but at the very least, they all promise to be interesting. I’ve done a very strange preview for the LA Weekly, breaking down the acts into three categories: Fuck Yeah, Fuck Eh, and Fuck Nah. Needless to say, the Fuck Nah category involves me drawing an analogy between Deerhunter and the first scene of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Does it involve a man named Rufus and/or the word “bogus?” You’ll have to click below to find out.

Preview of Fuck Yeah Fest at The LA Weekly

MP3: Indian Jewelry-“Lesser Snake”
MP3: Indian Jewelry-“Health and Wellbeing”

MP3: Wooden Shjips-“Shrinking Moon for You”

So-Crates Johnson Presents This Week’s Links

I’m sure most of you guys have seen it already, but Sach Orenstein’s Living with Baduizm feature at Oh Word is a must read.

Berkeley Place is looking for your votes on the Top 10 Modern Film Soundtrack Singles. Hopefully, “Wu-Wear” counts.

Paul Tao, the man behind Hate Something Beautiful and I Am Sound Records is putting out a single of Nico Vega’s “Cocaine Cooked the Brain.” Go here for details to find out if those
“Just Say No to Drugs” ads from the 80’s were actually true.

Floodwatch and From Da Bricks collaborate to decide the Top 5 Best Pete Rock remixes (with Mp3’s)

Skeet on Mischa has been blogging regularly again, which maketh me glad (yes, maketh).

The Assimilated Negro breaks down “Silent Treatment” from the Roots’ Do You Want More?

Circa 45 posts on the original vinyl single for the Flaming Lips’ “She Don’t Use Jelly” a song forever enshrined in pop culture lore, thanks to a 90210 Peach Pit performance so good that even Steve Sanders had to admit he liked it, despite “not being all that into this alternative rock.”

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