September 3, 2007

Is a lead singer with a really cool hair cut. See Flock of Seagulls and/or Kid N’ Play. My Morning Jacket lead singer Jim James doesn’t really have a cool hair cut. Still, I think his band is pretty great. Labor Day has come and gone and I have neither the time nor energy for a long post at the current moment. I’m still recovering from an ill-advised trip to a NASCAR Rally on Sunday, which I hope to write about sometime soon if the ringing in my ears ever ceases.

Seeing as though today marks the beginning of Fall, there seems to be no better way to kick off the new season than with some songs from My Morning Jacket, a group whose lazy pretty Indian summer tunes seem tailor-made for the weeks that surround the harvest moon. In truth, if you really asked me my thoughts on what separates the good bands from the great, I’d probably answer that two of the most prominent marks of a great band are a deep catalogue chockful of standout B-sides and EP tracks, and the ability to cover classic songs and in the process re-write their very DNA. In my mind, My Morning Jacket succeed on both counts.

From the Songs Ohia Split EP

MP3: My Morning Jacket-“O is the One That Is Real” (left-click)

From the Chocolate & Ice EP

MP3: My Morning Jacket-“Cobra” (left-click)


MP3: My Morning Jacket- “Blue Moon” (Standard) (left-click)

MP3: My Morning Jacket-“Tyrone” (Erykah Badu) (left-click)

MP3: My Morning Jacket-“A Quick One While He’s Away” (The Who) (left-click)

MP3: My Morning Jacket-“I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” (Prince) (left-click)

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