October 7, 2007


Photo by Mark Mauer

I had a good time and all at yesterday’s LA Weekly Detour Festival but honestly guys, if you’re going to advertise $5 Dewar’s all-day, you better be serving $5 Dewar’s all day. None of this running out at 7 p.m. bullshit. How else is anyone supposed to enjoy Justice if they weren’t zonked off Blue Dolphins like the hairy headbanned hipster horde that was losing their shit. I was not on Blue Dolphins, the scotch was wearing thin and quite frankly I didn’t feel like trying to pretend it was Ibiza circa 1999.

As for the rest, Bloc Party reminded me why I loved Silent Alarm as much as I did in 2005 (the less we say about A Weekend in the City the better). The Raveonettes and Autolux turned in pretty much the same set, except the Raveonettes had a slight Danish Danish accent and kept on mentioning “ableskivers.” Patton Oswalt proved what everybody already knew: he’s very funny. The Shout out Louds were pleasantly mediocre. And of course, there were more stripes than Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, circa ’81. I covered Justice’s set for Kevin Bronson’s Buzz Bands, so go there, and also vote in a contest to determine whether “blog-house” or “nu-rave” is the dumbest term that music writers have coined in the last two years.

Justice Review on Buzz Bands Blog

MP3: Justice-D.A.N.C.E.”

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