I usually re-post my Stylus articles in their entirety here, but it feels wrong to to do so for this one, as seems to make a lot more sense over there. I told my editor, Todd Burns, it’s either one of the best things I’ve ever written for them or one of the worst. Hopefully, it’s the former, apologies for wasting your time if it’s the latter. Either way, this is a great record from what I consider to be one be the finest songwriters I’ve heard in a long long time. Even though their band name still sucks.

My Stylus Review of Sunset Rubdown’s Random Spirit Lover

MP3: Sunset Rubdown-“Up on Your Leopard, Upon the End of Your Feral Days”
MP3: Sunset Rundown-“Winged/Wicked Things”

From Shut Up I Am Dreaming
MP3: Sunset Rundown-“Stadiums and Shrines II”

From Sunset Rubdown EP
MP3: Sunset Rubdown-Three Colours II

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