Jess Harvell’s thought-provoking Idolator piece on the nature of the hype machine beast has left me a little wary (at least today) of contributing to the instant deification (followed by the subsequent de-construction) of yet another promising young band. So I’ll keep it simple. Besides, I’ve written about the Parson Redheads before once or twice or thrice.

I’ve probably seen the Parsons six times in the last 12 months and during that time frame they’ve gone from virtual unknowns playing the Derby on a Wednesday night to getting the coveted Spaceland residency this coming January. It’s a much deserved promotion. Last Thursday night, the Parsons did what they always seem to do: put on a ridiculously fun set, packing the Spaceland stage full of people dancing, writhing and rocking out to their Byrdsian/Beachwood Sparks throwback rock. They aren’t on some Arcade Fire “let’s pretend we’re a indie rock church choir” shit. They aren’t trying to be deep and change the world. They’re just trying to make you have a good time. And I’ve yet to see them fail. They’re currently on their biggest tour yet, a nearly month-long swing through the West Coast. I can’ t promise that they’ll be your new favorite band, but at least they’ll be better the Black Kids. Whoever they are.

Also, I’ve been remiss in not talking about openers Le Switch before. Granted, I’m a little biased because I’ve known Aaron Kyle, the band’s front man since before I even knew he was in a band. (I think I figured he was a graphic designer or something like 89.2 percent of Silverlake) However, Le Switch are rightfully starting to build some buzz around these parts. Duke’s a fan and the Aquarium Drunkard recently signed them to his Autumn Tone label and in truth, I’ve rarely disagreed with both of those guys’ tastes before, so I don’t see a point now (y’know how us hive-mind thinking bloggers do). Accordingly, Le Switch put on a very solid set, one that left me excited to hear their upcoming Autumn Tone debut.

MP3: The Parson Redheads-“Punctual As Usual”
MP3: The Parson Redheads-“Full Moon”

MP3: Le Switch-“Tongue Tied”
MP3: Le Switch-“Living in Another World”

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