Forget the fact that “The Barrell Bros.” sounds like the title of an 8-bit NES game or maybe a Providence-based gross-out comedy made by the Farrelly’s, because the latest single leaked from The Big Dough Rehab is great. Why they released the underwhelming “Celebrate” first is beyond me. “The Barrell Bros” is just a snarling beast, reading like Madlib’s “Block Rock” filtered through a Vincent Price score; full of eerie synths squealing like poltergeists, hard ominous drums and Ghost, Styles and Beanie spitting with the frantic hunger of escaped convicts. No hyperbole today. Just smoke a blunt and play this loud in your car. (Grape-flavored and Jeeps are highly recommended, respectively).


MP3: Ghostface ft. Beanie Sigel & Styles-“Barrell Brothers
MP3: Ghostface-“Block Rock”

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